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Annual Meetings

May 22 (Fri.), 2015

The Pulse of Asia 2015 : Intercontinental Shanghai Ruijin,Jin Yi Xuan
15:45-16:00 Opening Remarks
  Lisheng Liu (Beijing, China), Honorary President, Chinese Hypertension League
Zhaosu Wu (Beijing, China), President, Chinese Hypertension League
Byung Hee Oh (President of POA)
16:00-18:08 Session I: Technology and Methodology of Arterial Measurements
  Byung Hee Oh (Seoul, Korea)
  Alberto Avolio (Sydney, Australia)
  Xiong-Jing Jiang (Beijing, China)
16:00-16:30 Michael Francis O'Rourke (Sydney, Australia)
"Central Haemodynamics and Cerebral Blood Flow"
16:30-16:50 Masanori Munakata (Sendai, Japan)
"Evidence-Based Evaluation of Two Major Arterial Stiffness Measures in Japan:
Brachial-ankle PWV and Cardio-Ankle Vascular Index"
16:50-17:10 Alberto Avolio (Sydney, Australia)
"Arterial Calcification and Stiffness"
17:10-17:30 Yan Li (Shanghai, China)
"Sublingual Microcirculation: Perfused Capillary Density and Glycocalyx Width in Populations of Different Ethnicity"
17:30-18:00 Panel Discussion
Masahisa Shimpo (Tochigi, Japan), Hirofumi Tomiyama (Tokyo, Japan),
Shouling Wu (Tangshan, China)
18:00-18:30 Lifetime Achievement Award
  Chairpersons: Lisheng Liu (Beijing, China)
19:00-21:00 Welcome Dinner (Art Deco )


May 23 (Sat.), 2015

08:00-09:40 Session 2: Arterial Measurements for Prediction and Prevention
  Hirofumi Tomiyama (Tokyo, Japan)
  Jun Tao (Guangzhou, China)
8:00-8:20 Jacques Blacher (Paris, France)
"Blood Pressure Parameters and Pulse Wave Velocity for Cardiovascular-Renal Prevention"
8:20-8:40 Chen-Huan Chen (Taipei, Taiwan)
"Central Hypertension and the Management of Hypertension"
8:40-9:00 James Sharman (Tasmania, Australia)
"Central Haemodynamics for the Therapeutic Management of Hypertension"
9:00-9:20 Hirofumi Tomiyama (Tokyo, Japan)
"Pathophysiological Differences Between Conduit/Resistant Arterial Endothelial Function Tests in Hypertension"
9:20-9:40 Panel Discussion
Xiaoping Chen (Chengdu, China)
Sung-Ha Park (Seoul, Korea), Liangdi Xie (Fuzhou, China)
09:40-10:00 Tea Break
10:00-12:00 Session 3: Guidance on Clinical Applications of Arterial Measurements
 Jeong Bae Park (Seoul, Korea)
 Ji-Guang Wang (Shanghai, China)
10:00-10:20 Jan A Staessen (Leuven, Belgium)
"Vascular Complications Associated with MGP, a Vitamin-K Dependent Protein Synthesized in the Arterial Wall"
10:20-10:40 Zhiming Zhu (Chongqing, China)
"Chronic Caffeine Intake Antagonizes Salt Sensitive Hypertension Through Improvement of Renal Sodium Handling"
10:40-11:00 Sung-Ha Park (Seoul, Korea)
"Current Recommendations on the Use of Arterial Measurements in Cardiovascular Prevention"
11:00-11:20 Jeong Bae Park (Seoul, Korea)
"Consensus Document on the Use of Morning Blood Pressure Monitoring in the Management of Hypertension in Asia"
11:20-11:40 Ji-Guang Wang (Shanghai, China)
"Specific Guidelines on the Use of Arterial Measurements"
11:40-12:00 Panel Discussion
Chen-Huan Chen (Taipei, Taiwan), Xinjuan Xu (Urumuqi, China)
12:00-12:45 Lunch (Satellite) Symposium 1 (Fukuda Denshi)
 Ji-Guang Wang (Shanghai, China)

  Piyamit Sritara (Bangkok, Thailand)
 "Arterial Stiffness is an Independent Predictor of Cardiac Mortality in Asymptomatic Patients with Intermediate Atherosclerotic Risk Factors "
12:45-13:30 Lunch (Satellite) Symposium 2 (AstraZeneca)

Ji-Guang Wang(Shanghai,China)
"Comprehensive Management of BP Control, 24H ABPM Perception Consolidation"

Liangdi Xie(Fujian,China)
"Reasonalbe Usage of Beta Blockers can Imporve Hypertension Control Rate"
13:30-15:20 Session 4: Free Communications 1---    Basic Research on the Arterial System
 Kee-Sik Kim (Daegu, Korea)
 Pingjin Gao (Shanghai, China)
13:30-14:00 Pingjin Gao (Shanghai, China)
"Inflammatory and Metabolic Interaction for Arterial Injury"
13:30-14:00 Oral Communications (8, 8'+2' each)
13:30-14:00 Tea Break
15:40-17:30 Session 5: Free communications 2---    Clinical and Population Research on the Arterial System
 Masahisa Shimpo (Tochigi, Japan)
 Yuqing Zhang (Beijing, China)
15:40-17:00 Oral Communications (8, 8'+2' each)
17:00-17:30 Murray Epstein (Miami, FL, USA)
"Hyperkalemia as a Constraint for Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone Inhibition; Current Status and Emerging Treatment Paradigms"
17:30-18:00 Guided Poster Presentations
  Hypertension: James Sharman (Sydney, Australia), Yan Li (Shanghai,China)
  Pulse Wave Velocity: Jacques Blacher (Paris, France)
  Endothelial Function & Vascular Biology: Zhiming Zhu (Chongqing, China)
18:00-18:20 Closing and Award Ceremony
  Best Oral and Poster Presentation Award
  Chairperson: Zhaosu Wu (Beijing, China)
19:00-21:00 Presidential Dinner (By Invitation)