Welcome to Pulse of Asia
“The Pulse” implies inside knowledge. A person with “his finger on the pulse” is wiser than one who does not.


Dear Colleagues,

“The Pulse” implies inside knowledge. A person with “his finger on the pulse”is wiser than one who does not.
We are very pleased to forward you the introduction for the innovative international symposium, the Pulse of Asia. “The Pulse” implies inside knowledge. Since the information the pulse affords is of so great importance, and so often consulted, surely it must be to our advantage to appreciate fully all it tells us, and draw from it all that it is capable of imparting. As Asia has contributed so much in the past to interpretation of the pulse, it is needed to set our own standards for Asia and worldwide and it is our responsibility to boost it up for the most advances in this field.

Therefore, we will provide you a place to share the newest and the greatest worth knowledge of epidemiologic, pathophysiologic, diagnostic, therapeutic and preventative tools against vascular disease.

Pulse of Asia aims to;
to exchange cutting edge knowledge on vascular research
to make fruitful collaboration on vascular research
to understand pulsatile phenomena with interdisciplinary approach across various specialties including cardiology, nephrology, neurology, diabetes, general medicine, and gerontology.

We hope you remark the Pulse of Asia meeting is qualified and potential enough to enrich your knowledge on clinical practice and research in the field of the pulsiology and vascular disease and in the world of current work.

Thank you!

Pulse of Asia committee