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“The Pulse” implies inside knowledge. A person with “his finger on the pulse” is wiser than one who does not.

History of PoA

Commencement of POA: Inception and Evolution

The Pulse of Asia (POA) traces its roots back to the 2008 International Society of Hypertension (ISH) meeting in Berlin, Germany. It was during this event that the inaugural initiation meeting for the Asian-Pacific Vascular Research Forum was convened on June 16th. Notable attendees included Michael O’Rourke from Australia, Yuhei Kawano from Japan, and Jeong Bae Park, and Lisung Liu from China. The primary objectives of this gathering were to foster the exchange of ideas and knowledge on artery research in the Asian-Pacific region and to establish connections for future collaborative efforts in vascular research among Asian-Pacific countries. The forum's scope encompassed a wide range of topics, including epidemiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, and therapy related to arterial stiffness, spanning from large artery stiffness to microcirculation. Following the success of this initial meeting, the first official Pulse of Asia Meeting took place in Daegu, Korea, on April 17th-18th, 2009.

Annual Scientific Meeting: Sustaining Momentum

Since its inception, the POA has evolved into an annual scientific meeting, held in different countries each year. Lastly, the 15th annual meeting was hosted in Seoul, Korea, in July 2023.

Collaborative Meeting: Engaging with Other Societies

Collaboration with ISH has been integral to POA's history, with joint sessions occurring during ISH conferences in various global locations, including Sydney (2012), Athens (2014), Seoul (2016), Beijing (2018), and Glasgow (2021, by online). Additionally, a joint session with POA was coordinated during the Asian Pacific Society of Hypertension conference in Shanghai in December 2023.

Transition to Official Scientific Society: Evolutionary Milestone and Launch of Official Journal: PULSE's Debut in 2013

In March 2013, two significant events transpired, marking pivotal moments in the history of the Pulse of Asia (POA) organization. Firstly, the POA transitioned from a forum to an officially recognized society, signifying a milestone in its growth and influence. Secondly, the official journal, PULSE, published by Karger Publisher in Basel, Switzerland, was launched, heralding a new era of scholarly dissemination within the vascular research community. By June 2023, PULSE had achieved a notable Journal Impact Factor of 2.2, a testament to its growing recognition and the caliber of research published within its pages. This achievement further solidified POA's standing as a prominent entity shaping vascular research in the Asian-Pacific region.

Future Directions: Charting a Course for Advancement

Through its annual meetings, collaborative sessions with esteemed organizations like ISH, and the establishment of its scientific journal, POA continues to serve as a key catalyst in the advancement of vascular science, both in basic and clinical realms, across the Asian-Pacific region and beyond.
By hosting yearly gatherings, engaging in collaborative sessions with esteemed entities such as ISH, and launching its scientific publication, POA consistently acts as a pivotal force driving progress in vascular science. Its impact extends beyond the Asian-Pacific region, resonating across global basic and clinical research endeavors.