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CAFE-LLA vs CAFE-BPLA on central hemodynamics admin 2015.04.28 9802
CAFE-LLA study (Williams B, 2008 Circulation) was published in circulation, December 22 2008. The hypothesis of the study is that the lipid-lowering drugs modulate central hemodynamics independent of cholesterol reduction, because 1) arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis have overlapping processes due to common cardiovascular risk factors and complications and 2) the statins have strongly effects on reduction of the risk of cardiovascular events in hypertensives. The results showed that the use of statin in treated hypertensive patients had no impact on central aortic pressures and augmentation index, pressure amplification, or any other central hemodynamic parameter. The contribution of hypercholesterolemia other than age and blood pressure to aortic pulse wave velocity was also small or insignificant (Cecelja M, 2009 Hypertension). Therefore, anti-lipid therapy in hypertension does not influence on arterial stiffness. By Park JB, 2009 Nov.