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The Pulse's News

The Pulse's News
Title Writer Date Hits
Awarded speaker and presenters at POA 2013 admin 2015.04.27 9562

Extraordinary Lifetime Contribution to Arterial Hemodynamics

Title Name
Reality of Aging Viewed from the Arterial Wall Edward LAKATTA (NIH, USA)

Best Presentation Award

A-No. Category Field Title Name Country
7 Best Oral D Derivation and Validation of Diagnostic Thresholds for Central Blood Pressure Measurements Based on Long-Term Cardiovascular Risks Hao-Min CHENG Taiwan
62 Moderated Poster CS Effects of Aging on Ascending Aortic Flow Waveform Michael O'ROURKE Australia
48 Moderated Poster CS Widened Pulse Pressure in True Resistant Hypertension: An Observation from the Chinese Ambulatory and Home Blood Pressure Registry Yuan-Yuan KANG China
24 Poster CS Pioglitazone on top of statin therapy fails to confer additional anti-inflammatory effect in carotid atherosclerosis: Randomized controlled clinical trial using 18F-FDG-PET/CT Eun-Ho CHOO Korea
35 Poster CS Supplementation of a Palm Oil Based Tocotrienol Rich Vitamin E Preparation in Young Smokers and Its Effects on Central Aortic Systolic Pressure Azli Shahril OTHMAN Malaysia
43 Poster CS Intima-media Thickness of Brachial Artery is a Useful Marker of Atherosclerosis. TATSUYA MARUHASHI Japan