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Joint Symposium

Sep 26, 2010 (Sunday) 1:30 to 4:30 pm

The Pulse of Asia Satellite Symposium in ISH 2010 : Convention center, Vancouver, Canada
Part I : The optimal modality for assessment of blood pressure and endothelial function
Chair : Michael O'Rourke (Australia), Young Moo Ro (Korea)
the Pulse : revived in Asia Jeong Bae Park (Korea)
Which parameters of central hemodynamics are significantly better than those of brachial hemodynamics in assessment of CV risk and its reduction? Michael O'Rourke (Australia)
Contribution of Arterial Stiffness and Wave Reflection on Central Blood Pressure Akira Yamashina (Japan)
Effect of antihypertensive treatment with RAS inhibitors or calcium channel blockers on vascular stiffness and central pressure Ernesto Schiffrin (Canada)
Debates with panelists Yuhei Kawano (Japan),
Se Joong Lim (Korea),
Jiang Xiong Jing (China),
Simon Rabkin (Canada)
Part II. Case Based Approach for the management of hypertension: What does evaluating central pulse and blood pressure contribute in management of hypertension
Chair : Edward G Lakatta (USA), Byung Hee Oh (Korea)
Coronary artery disease: Kee Sik Kim (Korea)
Evaluation of Vasculature in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease Hiromichi Suzuki (Japan)
Central systolic blood pressure and pulse pressure in the management of hypertension: clinical relevance for stroke prevention Jiguang Wang (China)
Panel discussion Chul Ho Kim (Korea),
Jim Sharman (Australia),
Kazyyuki Shimada (Japan),
Zhu Dingliang (China)
Part III. Need of new antihypertensive drug in hypertension therapy: Clinical data of new ARB, Fimasartan
Chair : Lisheng Liu (China), Myung Mook Lee (Korea)
ARB; what we have known and what we have missed? Anthony Heagerty (UK)
Hypertension in the 21st century - molecular mechanisms to novel therapies Rhian M Touyz (Canada)
New ARB, Fimasartan: the promise Dong Ju Choi (Korea)
Panel discussion (investigators) Dong Soo Kim, Chang Gyu Park,
Seok Min Kang, Jun Kwon,
Jin Ok Jeong, Tae Hoon Ahn,
Myeong Chan Cho, Soon Kil Kim,
Geu-Ru Hong